Abandoned Wreck

A blasted hulk in space the Tiamat's Hoard encountered.  After cutting through the airlock the boarding party discovered desiccated corpses of Stryxis on the blasted Imperial ship.  The party were horrified to find that the ship had been modified by them. 

Engineering was found completely gutted.

The Bridge was reconfigured with a tall pillar encrusted with gemstones surrounded by four pits.  The party did not know what this was for and simply took the gemstones as loot.

The rest of the ship was damaged and filled with more dead Stryxis.  A series of vats with green liquid and half-formed creatures were found.  Crew were prevented from disorganized looting of strange xeno bracelets and other valuables.  A xeno ship, presumedly Stryxis was found attached to the Imperial craft. 

The Stryxis ship was also filled with the dead.  Both xenos and their own flavor of servitors. 

The ships were destroyed as target practice for the gunnery crews.  A small fortune in gems and other goods were taken.  Several bracelets, actually Stryxis technology, were left to be destroyed as the filthy xeno artifacts they were.

Abandoned Wreck

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