Hive City on Strange Planet

A strange planet that seems to be containing a localized warp storm.  The planet itself has low gravity, no atmosphere, and is cold enough to freeze hydrogen into ice slicks. 

Shuttle Landing Site – Far from the hive city, a necessity to avoid the worst of the storm.

Surface of the dead world – Rocks, hydrogen ice slicks, sand, and what appears to be undead battle servitors.  Kill them quickly as they can warp around and might bring in warp creatures.

Hive City Maintenance Tunnel – Discovered when the party stumbled across a sinkhole in sand outside the hive city.  Led to a locked door they cut open.  Inside was a cogitator they used to find a map.

Hive City Surface – Several orbital defense guns were spotted, with some looking operational. Above the central spire of the hive city is some sort of containment beam influencing the warp storm.

Hive City Interior (Near Tunnel) – Humans discovered with strange helmets that block Astropathic scans that previously indicated the hive was full of mutants.  A mutant encampment stands between the party and their first location of interest.

Hive City Central – Indicates that there is an ancient experimental warp drive engine, predating the modern Strelov drives.  It appears to be the source of the warp storm localized over the city.

Hive City Orbital Defense Batteries – Big, big guns.  Tiamat's Hoard ordered to avoid getting in range.

Hive City Armory – It's on the map.

Hive City on Strange Planet

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